Best time to visit

Romblon is beautiful all year round.

It is getting more difficult to make any weather forecasts, but our last 15 years observations are showing:

A good time for visiting CABANBANAN Resort is from February to March. During that time we have good conditions for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.

The best condition for all water sports at CABANBANAN Resort starts in April and stays until October. The big high tide is during the day, low tide is in the night.The water temperature climbs the peak in June/July with up to 30°C. From April to June there is a moderate easterly/southerly wind flow. In July the south-west monsoon starts and can bring rainy but also sunny days. During this period the Cabanbanan bay is protected and calm. Usually there is excellent visibility for divers and snorkelers (up to 30 meter).

From November to February usually the wind blows from the north, north-east and Cabanbanan bay can be rough. The big high tide is in the night and the low tide is during the daytime. There are days when rough sea together with low tide badly prevent scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. But wind flow, intensity and direction can change quickly. Suddenly a dive at the house-reef, in the sanctuary, or else where is possible for a couple of hours. Ours and guests flexibility is asked. Scuba dives are only held during safe conditions, we accept and respect the nature’s mood. Luckily we also experienced years with many beautiful and calm days in December or January, with excellent condition for swimming diving and snorkeling. There is just no guarantee.

Please note, that rainy days can occur in December and January.

February and March are mostly dry with air temperatures of 25 - 30°C. April and May are dry and hot (28 - 33°C) , with possible thunder storms in the night time.

From June until November is the rainy season (west monsoon) with air temperature 27 - 30°C. But it does not mean that it rains every day. Continuous sunny weather can occur trough weeks or even months. Warm water temperature and a calm bay makes it a great season at Cabanbanan.

Storms don’t often hit Romblon directly, but they can occur anytime of the year.

Usually August to October is the peak season for typhoons in the Philippines. If a storm/typhoon or gusty winds hit Romblon between June and October, the wind blows from south-west and the Cabanbanan bay is protected.

El Ninio (a long period with little rain and drought) or La Ninia (a long period with much rain, floods and storms) have been observed about 4 times the last 15 years.

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