How to leave Romblon Island

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For Manila

  • 2GO (ferry) leaves Romblon, Romblon every Thursday at 18:00
    Arriving in Manila on Friday at 08:00
    Information and Booking:

For Batangas - Manila

  • Monte Negro Lines (ferry) leaves Romblon, Romblon every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 13:00 for Batangas (stop over in Odiongan, Tablas Island, during holidays direct to Batangas).
    Arriving Batangas at 02.00 / 22:00 respectively.
  • Navios Lines leaves Romblon,Romblon every Wednesday and Saturday at 16:00 for Batangas direct. Arriving in Batangas at 03:00
  • 2Go (ferry) leaves Romblon, Romblon every Wednesday at 21:00 and Saturday at 22:00 forĀ  Batangas.
    Arriving in Batangas at 05:00 / 06:00 respectively
    Information and Booking:
  • Buses at the pier are ready to leave for Manila at any time. It is a comfortable 2-3 hours trip.

For San Augustin on Tablas Island - Look - Caticlan (Boracay)

  • Monte Negro Lines (ferry) leaves Romblon daily at 13:00 for San Augustin, Tablas Isl. (45 minutes trip).
  • There is a jeepney-trip to Look where you can stay over night. The other morning a big outrigger boat leaves for Caticlan (Boracay). It is not advisable to take this trip during rough sea.
  • Outrigger boats leave Romblon, Romblon daily at 08:00 and 12:00 for San Augustin, Tablas Isl.

For Magdiwang on Sibuyan Island

  • Monte Negro (ferry) leaves Romblon,Romblon daily at 07:00 for Magdiwang, Sibuyan Isl. (3 hrs trip).

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